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Meet the Team - Hanif Uddin, Polymer Chemist

What do you do at BioCure: As a Polymer Chemist at Biocure Inc., my job is to design, synthesize and characterize amphiphilic block copolymers using different polymerization techniques and instruments. The beauty of these block copolymer amphiphiles is that they can self-assemble in selective solvents to form nano-structures which are smart, intelligent, and environment sensitive nanostructures designed to respond in a controlled manner to an external stimulus.

What are your top 3 favorite Podcasts/Books: One of my favorites books is Norman Vincent Peale’s The power of the Plus Factor.

What's in your coffee? Milk and Sugar

What do you hope to accomplish? I would like to see Biocure’s block copolymer technologies’ successful application in diagnostic and drug delivery arena.

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