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Active Delivery Hydrogels

Active Releae Main Grpahic.png

BioCure’s synthetic hydrogels are comprised of polymer meshes that can be engineered to give an active the desired release profile

Release from hydrogels can solve for drug instability, poor kinetics, and short half life. Active delivery can also reduce harmful systemic effects by being release at the target site

BioCure designs, develops, and manufactures biodegradable hydrogels for the controlled release of a wide range of actives.

Small Molecules, Peptides and Proteins

Our PVA hydrogels can be modified to control the delivery of molecules of various sizes, polarities whilst protecting the active during processing, storage and use.

Small Molecules@2x.png

Small Molecules

Small Molecules, Proteins and Peptide, protected storage and engineered release profile.



Tailorable Mechanics, Biocompatible with available in insitu polymerisation for non invasive delivery.



Maintaining a moist barrier that allows the movement of gases and small molecules to and from the skin.

Asset 2.png

Engineered Release

With every active BioCure matches the fundamental chemisty PVA hydrogels structure to acheive the desired release profile.

Asset 4.png
Injectable Smpfy 3.png
Injectable & Compressible
l2s noMatrix.png
Insitu Polymerisation
Controlled Biodegradation
Spheres 3.png
Coating 4.png
Spheres, Coatings or Gels
Degradable Implant.png
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