Dermal Hydrogels

BioCure's dermally applied hydrogels maintain site hydration and oxygenation while preventing bacterial growth. When modified and loaded with active ingredients they can achieve local controlled release.


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Antigen Barrier - when applied to wound bed and surrounding skin, the dressing provides complete coverage of the wound and maintains direct contact with the wound margins preventing foreign antigens from entering the wound bed.

Active Delivery - is an excellent vehicle for the delivery of active ingredients to treat infection, pain, bleeding and to accelerate wound healing.​​
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Oxygen Permeable - allows the flow of oxygen, detering anaerobic bacterial growth

Conforming & Flexible - remains flexible when applied to jointed areas


Conductive - Current freely moves through the hydrogel allowing for signal detection and stimulation of tissue.


As a dressing BioCure’s hydrogel protects the damaged area from external bacteria while promoting healing by maintaining a consistent and beneficial environment which has been shown to increase the rate of healing.


GelSpray™ is a novel wound dressing based on BioCure’s proprietary hydrogel technology. The dressing is provided as two liquid pre-polymers that cure rapidly when they come in contact with each other, creating a cohesive gel-based dressing. 

This product is classified as a Liquid Bandage and is indicated for the treatment of minor cuts and scrapes and minor irritations of the skin. BioCure hopes to build upon this technology and the regulatory clearance to create future platforms capable of addressing both acute and chronic wounds and as an active delivery device.

The dressing adheres to the surrounding skin but not the wound bed itself, allowing removal without re-injury

GelSpray™ Investigational Status 

BioCure’s GelSpray™ is primarily a platform technology, and from it, BioCure was able to successfully submit in 2007 a 510(k) application to the FDA for a Base GelSpray™ Liquid Bandage (no actives).


US Department of Defense Funding

GelSpray™ was developed in coordination with the US Department of Defense (US DoD) through its Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC), with a base product (no actives) approved by the FDA in early 2008 (FDA Case File K073663) as a Class I Device (KMF).  The approval was based on superior performance in moisture handling, adhesion and biocompatibility.  In today’s U.S. military, the necessity of a multi-functional wound dressing is urgent.  

As of 2018, in excess of 52,000 members of the US military have been wounded in action while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.  Many, if not most, injured soldiers suffer from not only the pain a wound sustains but from the infections that develop days after the injury.  Battlefield wounds are also frequently contaminated with foreign objects and as a result, far-forward missions need to be aborted for the smallest of wounds, allowing the wounded to return quickly to triage for wound debridement and application of antimicrobial chemicals.  Making these scenarios more complicated is the current multidrug-resistant bacteria found in war zones like Iran and Afghanistan, bacteria such as the Acinetobacter calcoaceticus-Acinetobacter baumannii complex.  In all, the military would highly benefit medically and tactically if soldiers could carry a wound dressing that could be rapidly self-applied regardless of wound location on the body, debride the wound and prevent further infection. Outside the battlefield, this device will have extraordinary use in the hospital emergency room or disaster area.