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Hydrogels Implants

Implantable - Water.png
Implantable - Polymer Mesh.png

◘ Non-Invasive Delivery
◘ Engineered Mechanics
◘ Nutrient Flow

◘ Proven Biocompatibility

BioCure's biocompatible hydrogels mimic the body tissues, creating implants that are both safe and effective.

Implantable Forms

Our PVA hydrogels can be used in forms depending on the target application.

Spheres 3.png
Coating 4.png
Gel Implant.png


Can be crosslinked during initial synthesis or within the body for a minimally invasive application.


Thin cohesive surface films allow for biocompatible and conductive surfaces.


Encapsulating actives or biologics forming compressable spheres with specific size at high tolerences

Tech Features

Injectable Smpfy 3.png
Injectable & Compressible
Degradable Implant.png
Drug Eluding.png
Drug Eluding
l2s noMatrix.png
Insitu Polymerisation
Engin 4.png
Engineered Mechanics
Hydrogel Medical Devices:
BioCure is developing hydrogels for medical device applications including:
Spinal Nucleus Augmentation
Hydrogel Embolics
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