Poly (vinyl alcohol) Hydrogels


BioCure designs, develops and manufactures biocompatible Poly (vinyl alcohol)  hydrogels for medical applications

Hydrogels are comprised of polymer meshes with a high water affinity. When hydrated, the gel created can be over 90% water.

BioCure designs hydrogels based on customer parameters and our 20 years of experience in the field.

Conforming, Tacky
& Flexible 
Antigen Barrier
Site Hydration
Active Delivery

Liquid Delivery

Our PVA hydrogels can be delivered as a liquid, where a fast-cross linking reaction creates a highly cohesive and conforming dressing, closely approximating the shape of the site.

Biocure's hydrogels can be polymerized with two methods:
A+B Hydrogel Polymerisation

BioCure's hydrogels can be cured in a two-part, A+B reaction. Starting with two components both with low viscosity once delivered in combination will form an elastic gel.

Photolithographic Hydrogel Polymerisation

Starting as a liquid but once exposed to light, the PVA begins to cross-link. The cure rate can be controlled by both the time and intensity of the light exposure. Visible or UV light compatible.

Hydrogel Medical Device Development:
BioCure is developing hydrogels for medical device applications including:
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