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Hydrogel Medical Devices

Ideation is the first step of the journey for a medical device. To be realized, the idea requires direction and effort.

At BioCure we leverage our expertise and systematic development to negotiate the road to market.

With your initial inputs, we will use our +15 years of hydrogel expertise to build prototypes. Focusing on iteration and rigorous characterisation to find the hydrogel with ideal performance.

The core of our development system is the BioCure Quality System. It is the framework that we have used countless times to take a chosen prototype to a product that is ready for scale up. The BioCure Quality System is designed to build products that satisfy the FDA and ISO 1385 standards.

Scaling up your product from your bench process to cGMP commercial quantities can be a daunting prospect. BioCure's experience and design systems ensure that this stage remains streamlined.

BioCure's focus during manufacturing is Quality, Communication and Cost-effectiveness for our partner.

Hydrogel Medical Device Development:
BioCure is developing hydrogels for medical device applications including:
Hydrogel Wound Dressings
Spinal Nucleus Augmentation
Hydrogel Embolics
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