Medical Device


Create breakthrough products with our polymeric expertise and rigorous R&D.



Small Molecules, Proteins and Peptide, protected storage and engineered release profile.

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Tailorable Mechanics, Biocompatible with available in insitu polymerisation for non invasive delivery.


Maintaining a moist barrier that allows the movement of gases and small molecules to and from the skin.

Superior Biocompatible Materials

BioCure is a leader in the design and modification of cutting-edge biocompatible materials.

Working with BioCure's materials and expertise helps companies innovate against complex problems, either by licensing our existing technologies or collaborating to create novel solutions.


PVA Hydrogels

BioCure creates custom-designed hydrogels based on customer parameters, and 20 years of experience with these materials.

Amphiphilic Block Copolymers

Biomimetics of cell membranes, block copolymers self-assemble to create stable nano membranes which allow for the control of molecules.


About Us

BioCure was founded by a group who saw the potential in the PVA material which is now the widely used daily disposable contact lenses.

Using the PVA technology BioCure developed Bead Block . This implantable is considered the best in class for oncologic/ embolic interventions.

BioCure continues to develop on the cutting edge of polymer materials for implantable and dermal medical devices for emerging and innovative fields.


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2975 Gateway Drive Suite 100, Peachtree Corners, GA 30071

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