Acrylamide Modified Poly(Vinyl alcohol), 50ml

Acrylamide Modified Poly(Vinyl alcohol), 50ml


This material is for research purposes only

Polymer has pendant acrylamide groups on the PVA backbone.

Curable by UV, Visible light, or Redox.

Recommended UV initiators are Irgacure 2975 or LAP. 

  • Technical Properties


    Acrylamide modified

    Poly(Vinyl alcohol)


    Clear liquid

    Molecular Weight

    Mw ~70,000

    Package Size


    Storage Temperature

    2 - 8 °C


    ~10% in water


    6 - 8


    Formulation autoclaved at 121°C for 30min

  • Product Information

    BioCure’s acrylamide modified poly(vinyl alcohol) macromers are non-toxic, non-hazardous, and biocompatible which make them useful in a wide range of application including medical devices and 3D cell culturing. Well identified and proven medical device markets for these macromers include contact lenses, embolic agents, wound dressings, and specialty applications.


    Hydrogels made from these macromers are highly tailorable and the macromers can be customized to obtain the performance properties required for your specific applications such as firmness, water absorption and moisture uptake, biodegradability, tack, tensile strength, adhesive properties, and film forming qualities.


    For other molecular weights and degradable versions please contact us.


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