PMOXA6-b-PDMS32-b-PMOXA6, 1g

PMOXA6-b-PDMS32-b-PMOXA6, 1g

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This material is for research purposes only

Description: Hydroxy end capped PMOXA-b-PDMS-b-PMOXA triblock copolymer 

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  • Technical Properties


    Hydroxy end capped PMOXA-b-PDMS-b-PMOXA triblock  copolymer 



    White Solid

    Average MW

    3440.27 gm/mol

    Block Ratio (A:B:A)

    6.85 : 32.86 : 6.85


    1.09(Mass Spectroscopy)

    Package Size




     2 - 8 °C


    Chloroform, Dichloromethane, Alcohol

  • Product Information

    Mimicking the properties of natural phospholipids, our PMOXA-b-PDMS-b-PMOXA triblock copolymer can self-assemble to form nanoscale vesicles and free-standing impermeable polymer membrane which has thickness of few nanometers. By incorporating specific protein channels these vesicles can act as nanoreactors on the other hand self-assembled polymeric membrane can act as a biosensor or advanced filtration system for specific molecules like DNA.


    UV light polymerizable group end capped PMOXA-b-PDMS-b-PMOXA triblock copolymer:

    Sensitive molecules such as therapeutic proteins can be encapsulated inside the vesicles to protect them from harsh environment. UV light polymerizable group at the both end of the triblock copolymer can be polymerized to make the vesicle more stable and lock the morphology of the nanostructure.